Was John Lennon A Roofing Contractor?

Okay okay. I know this one is a long shot. But we have reports coming out that if John Lennon wasn't a singer, he would have become a roofing contractor.

Is this wishful thinking?

Is it possible this could be true?

Well. According to one Roofer Bradenton in Florida, it's not only possible, but actually very likely. Check out their website if you want to learn more about the claim.

John Lennon In Sarasota?

It's true... Back in the 60's John Lennon LOVED going to Sarasota.

Sarasota Internet Consulting, a local SEO Company was able to locate numerous records online that proved just how true this was. Good stuff guys!

The Love Affair With Yoko Ono

It's clear to just about anyone that John Lennon was very much in love with Yoko Ono. and with good reason. the couple was known to sneak off together and enjoy the time they spent in just about every arena and avenue.

They started by meeting up in secret rendezvous and it leads to them being featured in just about every news article and magazine during the late sixties.

Many people know that their drug abuse was also something that John Lennon loved about Yoko Ono. they often times spoke about doing heroin and many of the songs both John and Yoko wrote talked about those things.

In the end, it was their love for one another that went down in history as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

Trending Article - John Lennon Would Be More Popular If Dead...

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John Lennon was loved by all for his amazing talent and creativity. We all know him as the man of few words but many emotions and we all have a special place in our hearts for him. Through his amazing music and beauty as a man, we hope to keep him living forever.

The Beatles were an amazing band of their time. And while John Lennon may not have been popular before the band, he is sure popular now. People from around the world love his music and creativity. The Beatles were a great band. period.

Through his use of instruments and beautiful lyrics, he inspired the world to act better and love one another.

His popularity may be in question, but will never be in question regarding his death.